Regional Knowledge-ability

We have been working in the genealogy field for twenty years, and we have such an accumulated experience in the following fields :

  • Geography:

    We made dozens of field trips to the tribal origins in the Arab region.

  • History:

    We obtained a deep knowledge in the history of the immense Arab region, starting from Yemen which is considered the first home of the ancient kingdoms, civilizations and religions. Knowledge includes the historical migrations that contributed to the Arab spread in this entire region.

  • The Human Being:

    We achieved a profound knowledge of ethnicity, tribes, families, and immigrants. In addition, we held many meetings with experts, historians, traditional genealogists, tribe elders and social activists from all over the region.

Our collection

Through our long journey with the genealogies, the Adam Research Center has made millions of records about the region. There are miscellaneous and interesting collections of attained materials that help in knowing the history and geography of the tribes and families of the region.