about us

Adam Research Centre is a free-standing dedicated genealogy research centre

We house a number of important collections of genealogical and historical interests centralised in the Arabian Peninsula and its neighbouring regions. Over the course of its fifteen-year activity, the Center has collected hundreds of thousands of genealogical research material and historic items of local and provincial and interest. These have been acquired through donations of personal, community group collections and qualitative research. The Centre’s research is dedicated to the study of genealogy in the Arabian Peninsula and its neighbouring region with its regional Center located in Geneva.

In addition, the centre operates through a network of full-fledged independent branch offices in each of the following countries : Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Mauritania, Iraq, Egypt, and Yemen. Adam Research Centre has developed capabilities and methods in handling data collection & analysis with a specialist line for Qualitative Research. Our team is comprised of more than 150 full time staff (genealogists, historians, research executives, analysts and digitalisation experts) working together with a large pool of data entry operators, interviewers and field supervisors.

The team came together as a professional research body through training and experience of the members who share the same vision and goals. Our dedication and professionalism makes it possible to pursue our objectives and continue our growth.