ARC Genealogical trees

ARC studies, develop and creates genealogical trees for all ethnics in the Arab region.
this is accomplished by tracing ancestry through a large number of references and traditional genealogical trees that enables our researchers to create them alongside a wide network of genealogists who are experts in their own regions, tribes and families.
ARC has a unique and innovative method to create those genealogical trees through our MSD referred to as " Adam Research methodized and systematic diagrams"

Data Licensing

The business model of the ARC is based on licensing fees from a limited number of reliable partners. Our mission is to make the researches available for others to discover, examine and employ when needed. Opening up the data allows for new knowledge to be discovered through comparative studies, data utilizing and so on. It also allows better consideration for how conclusions have been potentially reached, driving up the overall research quality.
MSDs are useful tools in genealogy and lineage research as they support a number of goals, including:

  • Helping individuals to identify their lineage.
  • Providing tribe members with an understanding of how their tribe was formed and developed over the course of time.
  • Supporting the structuring and matching of the DNA haplogroup.